Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Stud Dogs - Current

Currently standing at stud (to approved bitches only) are:

"Chopper" (Crestridge Kengali's Full Throttled Chopper)   Chopper is currently being shown on his way to his AKC Championship.  Chopper is a big boy with the bone and substance that many of today's Ridgebacks are lacking.  An upstanding outline and overall balance makes this dog appeal to most people.
He is OFA Good and elbows clear as well as DM clear.

Sire Kengali's Renegade Rebel
Dam Kengali's It's All About Me

 "Doctor Dog" (Ch Calico Ridge Medicine Man)   Overall balance with a return of upper arm and easy ground covering movement are the top features of this dog.  He is a liver or brown nosed dog.  He has a terrific temperament and lives with his brother and another male.
Doc is OFA Good, elbows normal.

Sire Calico Ridge Warlords Legacy
Dam Ch Calico Ridge Lionheart Maiden

    "Sam" ( Calico Ridge Serengeti Sam).  Sam is a strong, well balanced dog with exceptional movement and the ability to bounce up next to you and touch the top of your head without touching any other part of you.  A direct result of "Don't jump on me".  Outstanding temperament that he throws to his puppies.
Sam is OFA Good, elbows normal and DM clear.

Sire DC Rajataru Vyrtuoso Perfrmance MC
Dam DC Calico Ridge Show Me The Money

    "Brown" (CH Calico Ridge The Rainmaker)   Brown is a very stylish dog with breathtaking movement.  He covers ground effortlessly with reach and drive that is enviable. 
Brown is OFA Good, elbows normal.

Sire Calico Ridge Warlord's Legacy
Dam Ch Calico Ridge Lionheart Maiden

    TEX (CH Calico Ridge Texas Hold Em )   Tex is a very moderate dog.  He excells in a willingness to please and do what you want.  He throws this to most of his puppies.
Tex is OFA Good, elbows Normal.

Sire  Ch Calluna Pieces of Eight JC
Dam DC Calico Ridge Show Me The Money


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Calico Ridge Foundation Dogs have and continue to contribute their type, soundness and temperamentto not only Current Calico Ridge Stud Dogs but numerous other breeders across the United States as well as many foreign countries.

HERE to view not only Calico Ridge's Foundation Stud Dogs, but all Calico Ridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks registered over the years via information available through the 
Rhodesian Ridgeback Online Pedigree Search Tool

You can always check with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Online Pedigree Search Tool to find out more about any of the Calico Ridge lines, their siblings and get.

TREKKER  CH Calico Ridge Road Warrior III
Trekker is strong, powerful and heavy in bone.  Powerful ground covering, effortless movement  Temperament is solid, stable and outgoing.

Trekker CH Calico Ridge Road Warrior Strong, powerful, heavy in bone. Movement is ground covering and effortless. Temperament is stable and outgoing.
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