Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Calico Ridge currently has an excellent selection of quality line-bred bitches for our Brood Bitch and Show dogs.  These girls are very selectively bred on a limited basis.

Below are but a few of the girls who are a direct result of 50 years of very selective breeding. 

  "Clementine" (Calico Ridge Sweet Clementine)

At 2.5yrs old, Clementine whelped her first litter; sired by CHampion Crestridge Kengali's Full Throttled Chopper.  Clementine has passed her excellent conformation, style and incredible temperament to her pups who are all currently in their new homes.  Visitors who have met Clementine in person have all commented on her type:  her beautiful round, dark eyes clearly reflect her tenderness and love of life.

Sire:  Calico Ridge Serengeti Sam
Dam:  Calico Ridge Pistol Pack'n Mama

 "Samantha"  (Calico Ridge Sweet Samantha)

Samantha is the epitomy of a powerhouse with excellent reach & drive yet she retains her feminine features, love of life and her outgoing temperament.

Sire: Calico Ridge Serengeti Sam
Dam: Calico Ridge Pistol Pack'n Mama



  "Babe" (Calico Ridge One Hot Mama)

Babe needs one major to finish her championship and that will give her dam a Register of Merit.  Babe has had 3 litters to date with several of her get pointed towards their championship

Sire:  Ch Juba Lee's Lonestar Over Kei River,ROM
Dam: Ch Calico Ridge Lionhearted Maiden

"Bella" (Calico Ridge Country Girl)

Bella is a Champion.  Bella has taken her grandmother, Joie's place as my companion for many of the same reasons.  Bella is awaiting her last litter sired by Tater, due April 5, 2018

Sire: Ch Calico Ridge Medicine Man
Dam: Calico Ridge One Hot Mama

"Red" (Calico Ridge Gun Powder and Red)
Red's first point out of the 9-12 class at Lost Coast Kennel Club.  Red is a lovely Liver nose with bone and substance with a smooth, easy gait.  Her pigmentation is dark brown with a rust colored eye.

Sire: Ch Calico Ridge Texas Hold Em

Dam: Razor Ridge Stella

I also have some dogs that are not for sale and are scheduled to develop into future show dogs or brood bitches.  Click HERE to see some of these on my Kennel Ridgebacks - Current page.

Also, as noted before, numerous ROM Calico Ridge Foundation Bitches have and continue to contribute to numerous other breeders across the United States as well as many foreign countries.

HERE to view AKC's records of not only Calico Ridge's Foundation Bitches, but all Calico Ridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks registered over the years via information available through the Rhodesian Ridgeback Online Pedigree Search Tool

You can always check with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Online Pedigree Search Tool to find out more about any of the Calico Ridge lines, their siblings and get.

Contact Diane Jacobsen via email:
to inquire as to what future breedings might be planned for the future.

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